Above ground pool step | Fiesta

Above ground pool step | Fiesta

Par : InnovaPlas

The Fiesta is economical and very user-friendly. Ideal for above ground pools with 48″-54″ walls and a flat bottom, it’s a sturdy step system that can be installed in seconds! Includes step cups, deck supports, and a front-loading ballast.

The space between the interior wall of the pool and the step is secured, providing additional protection for children.

It can also be installed on a pool with no deck with the Classic Ladder #6003 (non regulatory in Quebec) or the Self-Latching ladder #9600.

Above ground pool
350 LBS / 159 KG
42″ X 42″ X 32″ / 106,7 cm X 106,7 cm X 81,3 cm

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