Lumi-O lighting system | Color Lumi-LED

Lumi-O lighting system | Color Lumi-LED

By : Lumi-O

Lumi-O’s lighting systems for above ground and inground pools have been available since 1984. Lumi-O is the only manufacturer with a team of expert technicians on the road and a call center to offer you exceptional personalized service (limited to Quebec and some parts of Eastern Ontario).

The LUMI-LED lighting system offers 19 preset colors. Choose a color that suits your mood: white, blue, green, aqua, red, pink, purple, and mixed color with choice of color movement from gradual pace for a cozy night to flashing lights for a great party! Have fun! In addition, it is compatible with inground and above-ground pools.

Do you already have the conventional Lumi-O lighting system and would like to have the LUMI-LED system instead? No problem: we offer to retrofit your system in the areas of service covered by our technicians.

Above Ground Pool / Inground Pool

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