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    Lumi-O | InnovaPlas is a manufacturer of pool steps, ladders, and lighting systems for both inground and above ground pools in Canada, the United States, and Europe.

    With the acquisition of Lumi-O International in 2009 and Access Resin Products a few years prior, our line of products is not only one of the most complete on the market, but also makes InnovaPlas one of the key players in the industry.

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    Customers Reviews

    • Mike P

      I've owned this light for (3) years now & It works as good as the day i bought it. no water intrusion. I tried several other products before finding the innovalite 9018. many didn't last a single season. this light installs easily, isn't location limited (needing a return port or electric outlet nearby), requires only approx ⅛" gap between the pool wall & top rail. THE MAGNET ON THE BACK HOLDS THE LAMP FIRMLY AGAINST THE POOL WALL. the cord between the lamp and the solar panel/power switch is long enough that i mounted the panel several feet away and above the pool (on my deck railing). I Can (and have) easily recommend this light. Hey Lumio... when will you introduce this in a multicolor model?? Plz !! take my money.

    • sharon mcavoy

      I like this self latching pool ladder/steps but the platform and arms are not made that well and crack when taking in and out of the pool. I've replaced the arms on mine twice already!

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